Parent Resources


For any parents out there who need additional help finding resources, this page is for you.

Insurance coverage

Here is a link to an explanation of the differences between self-funded and fully-funded insurance plans. It comes from Wisconsin and looks like it was made for a specific employer, but generally it is helpful. 

For those seeking a new plan for insurance, here is a link to the Health Insurance Exchange for Connecticut.

Community Resources

Autism Speaks is a great resource for parents in Connecticut. 

Recommended Books for Parents, Professionals, Individuals with ASD, Siblings, and Peers

ASRC provides helpful resources on their website as well. 

Community Autism Socials at Yale – Project CASY

Project CASY is a university-organized community of individuals living with autism and the families, friends, and professionals involved in their lives.  Project CASY uses a collaborative approach, where community members can network online and meet together in person to share their thoughts and experiences. All in-person meetings are facilitated by dedicated faculty and staff of the Yale Child Study Center.


Please review their meetup page at There are several events you may be interested in (more to come as well). You can also request to become a member to receive notifications of future events. 

Intellectual Disability Supports

This a page from the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services

NAC-National Autism Center

Up-to-date information and free materials for anyone interested in learning more about autism spectrum disorder.

Autism Source

An easy to use helpful database that includes a wide variety of all the services a parent may look for when they have a child with ASD.

Autism Society

The nation's leading grassroots autism organization.

Koegel Autism: Pivotal Response Treatment 

A highly acclaimed research-based intervention for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.